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Exclusive to Marketability

Academic Marketing Workshop


It’s tougher to sell to the higher education market now than it’s ever been, with universal funding crises and widespread access to free online resources. As we jostle with our competitors for the attention of lecturers, students and libraries, what messages and which channels will succeed?

This workshop brings you right up to date with the realities of today’s marketplace, with examples of excellent practice from a wide range of companies.


Who’s it for?

Anyone actively involved in marketing to the academic sector.

What’s covered?

  • How universities and their libraries are typically structured. Where are the decision-makers? Who holds the purse-strings?
  • Funding issues, from tuition fees to private universities
  • The implications of TEF in the UK and the importance of international leagure tables
  • What lecturers and librarians tell publishers they want
  • How buying decisions are made, and who gets the sale
  • Case examples of ‘ideal’ textbook, reference and digital marketing plans
  • Where face-to-face selling, direct mail, conferences, emarketing, social media and academic review coverage fit – and tips for doing them well
  • Exercises on devising a marketing strategy for real titles brought by delegates.


Rachel Maund

Laura Ingle

Rachel Maund has over 30 years of experience in academic publishing, both in marketing roles at Routledge, Elsevier and Ashgate, and as a consultant providing marketing support across the sector.

She is joined by guest tutor Laura Ingle, currently Head of Product and Institutional Marketing at Emerald Group Publishing, previously at Oxford University Press, Macmillan Science and Education, and Taylor and Francis.

Course dates

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(London or Oxford)

£399 + VAT

A great opportunity to share academic marketing knowledge and especially interesting for small companies searching for the right way to do things.
Delegate from Eleven International Publishing (The Netherlands)

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