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Tips and articles relating to Impressive Marketing Plans — on a Small Budget

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How broad is your perspective?

“Three men on a building site were asked what they were doing.…

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4 October 2022


“Please buy my book”, this academic author gets straight to the point

Some authors are uncomfortable with the idea of self promotion (though they believe in the magical skills of their publishers to do it for them).…

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8 February 2022


Hamnet’s ‘living billboard’ proves a hit (a palpable hit?)

Maggie O’Farrell’s Hamnet won the Women’s Prize for Fiction in 2020.…

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31 August 2021


The best marketing tactics? Quick wins and opportunity spotting

Anyone who’s got a few years of marketing under their belt knows that the most successful campaigns are usually the ones where a simple opportunity was capitalised on effectively (and often cheaply).…

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31 August 2021


Two marketing myths, busted

Myth #1: don’t market to specialists (including academics, librarians and schools) during the summer as they’re all on holiday

Busted: Actually this can be a fantastic time.…

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3 August 2021


Social media influence growing but reviews remain ‘holy grail’

This recent article in The Bookseller probably confirms what we already suspect, but it’s good to have it articulated nonetheless.…

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6 July 2021


More proof that positive author relations are vital

‘Novelist Winterson burns her own books in anger at cosy domestic blurbs’ shouted the headline in The Guardian at the weekend.…

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8 June 2021


What’s driving your marketing planning? Not just for marketers

If you are involved in marketing planning, whether for individual campaigns or your company marketing strategies, I invite you to answer the following as honestly as you can.…

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11 May 2021


Copywriting, Marketing Planning and Academic Marketing online training – who’s in?

In-company training has been keeping me busy this year so far, delaying my earlier plan to schedule open courses for March-April.…

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13 April 2021


3 high-impact marketing strategies you’re probably overlooking

The stock image illustrating this article on the Hubspot website does it no favours, but don’t let that put you off – the content is excellent, and the strategies in question are mostly inexpensive even for publishers.…

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27 October 2020

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