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Tips and articles relating to Email Marketing Workshop

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If email open rates don’t work any more, what next?

Apple’s recent Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) can be seen as a nail in the coffin of open rates as a useful measurement of engagement, given that emails delivered to Apple are now shown as opened by default.…

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7 June 2022


Tip of the week: To use the ellipsis, or not to use the ellipsis ...

What’s your view? Do you find the use of those suspenseful (in theory) three dots annoying, or irresistible?

Last week I was running an Read more

3 May 2022


Free Email Marketing Benchmarks Report for 2022

I welcomed last year’s report from Campaign Monitor and now they’ve done it again, comparing email metrics across 100bn emails sent during 2021, organised into 18 different sectors.…

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6 April 2022


Preview text, preheader text, and how they can ramp up your email engagement

Firstly, are preview text and preheader text the same thing?

No, although you’ll see them used synonymously in multiple guides available online.…

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26 October 2021


In-company training dates now booking for 2022

This quarter we’re fully booked with in-company training courses, covering Copywriting, Email Marketing, Working with Authors, Grammar, and Marketing Digital Products.…

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26 October 2021


When planning your email content, do you give enough attention to landing pages?

According to Hubspot, 7 out of 10 people who arrive on landing pages bounce straight off them again.…

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28 September 2021


GDPR in a post Brexit world

I’ve had two conversations this month with people who assumed that GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) no longer applies in the UK now that we have left the EU.…

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28 September 2021


Tip of the week: How to easily benchmark your email marketing stats

The sheer number of variables involved in email marketing make it very difficult to be confident that the benchmarks you set for your own campaigns are accurate.…

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31 August 2021


The five email elements you should be testing, useful guide from Pure360

This may not be true for you, but most marketers I talk to admit that they do very little testing.…

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3 August 2021


Beyond email metrics, what customers do that doesn’t show up

Looking at your metrics will tell you a lot about how (if) recipients are responding to your email content, but it’s only part of the story.…

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8 June 2021

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