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Tips and articles relating to Marketing Digital Products

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In-company training dates now booking for 2022

This quarter we’re fully booked with in-company training courses, covering Copywriting, Email Marketing, Working with Authors, Grammar, and Marketing Digital Products.…

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26 October 2021


Tip of the week: Write the marketing plans you'd want to inherit

Do you write yours for the benefit of a senior manager? Are they full of SWOT analyses and PEST reports?

A lot of plans that I see are very impressive, but give no clue as to how work is to be managed on a day to day basis.…

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10 May 2016


OUP's excellent OSEO video, with thanks to Hannah Charters

On our recent Read more

13 October 2015


What we got wrong about books, fascinating blog post

This is on the Scholarly Kitchen website, but it’s about books in general.…

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17 March 2015


Tip of the week: Be careful what you assume

‘How old were you when you got your first mobile phone?’ This question was put by a teenager to a friend of mine; she was hoping for support in persuading her parents to buy her a phone.…

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3 February 2015


Free marketing presentation template from Marketo

The true quality of your marketing planning is in its content, but people will judge it first on the structure and design of your presentation.…

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3 February 2015


Academic libraries shift to patron-driven access (PDA), short but useful article

This Bookseller article reports on a presentation at the IPG conference by Ashgate Publishing’s Adrian Shanks and Michael Zeoli of YBP Library Services in the US, and is useful as a brief summary of this revolution in academic libraries, with content only paid for once patrons access the digital files supplied by publishers to the library.…

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20 January 2015


Anna Faherty on a scientific approach to publishing decisions

Publishing in the past has relied on gut decisions, since new books don’t obviously lend themselves to developing prototypes to research first.…

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28 October 2014


7 quick tips for marketing digital products

Psst – it all comes down to this, say tutors Rebecca Jones and Laura Ingle:

    Make it easy to trial your productsConsider giving part of your product away for freeProvide troubleshooting and supportExplain how to use the product and illustrate the immediate valueUse all marketing channels – not just onlineCreate specific messages for each part of your audience and focus on benefits specific to them Consider ‘non selling’ events to promote loyalty, trust and a sense of community among your users.…

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    28 October 2014


    Global Trends in Publishing 2014, free white paper

    An excellent 15 page summary, focused almost exclusively on trade publishing but with plenty of value whatever your sector.…

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    19 August 2014

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