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Tips and articles relating to Academic Marketing Workshop

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Academic monographs and open access: UKRI proposals, Plan S, and REDUX

Funding body UK Research and Innovation published new proposals on 13 February for monographs based on publicly-funded research to be made fully open access by January 2024.…

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18 February 2020


Tip of the week: If your copy includes pedagogical features

If you work in school or textbook publishing then the chances are that your product descriptions routinely include lists of pedagogical features.…

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4 February 2020


UCL’s statistics dashboard is much more fun than it sounds, and their authors love it

Kathy Atkinson got in touch from UCL Press, prompted by our review of the 10 most-read articles of 2019, of which 3 were about author resources.…

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21 January 2020


If I was an author, I’d appreciate this guidance from Channel View Publications

I’ve been thinking a lot about the author/publisher partnership this month and this excellent example caught my eye.…

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26 November 2019


What do researchers want from publishers?

Thanks to Alice Meadows and The Scholarly Kitchen for this latest interview, this one with Dr Milka Kostic who is both a researcher and an ex-publisher.…

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12 November 2019


How do academics keep up with the literature? Eight share their experience in THE

If you don’t have a permanent ‘reading pile’ or folder of articles and reports you mean to read but rarely touch, I want to know your secret.…

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3 September 2019


UK research into the response to Pearson phasing out textbooks

In July Pearson announced its intention to phase our print textbooks in the US, with the UK to follow later.…

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3 September 2019


The Augar Review: if you’ve been meaning to get up to speed, here’s a good place to start

The best-known recommendation of the Augar Review into UK higher education is that of cutting tuition fees from £9,250 to £7,500.…

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6 August 2019


Does this signal the end of print textbooks? Pearson’s bold step

Last week Pearson announced a ‘digital first’ policy for US textbooks, with content regularly updated.…

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23 July 2019


Open access humanities debate rumbles on at Goldsmiths conference

Plan S, the international initiative requiring government-funded research to be published open access, won’t now be implemented until 2021.…

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25 June 2019

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