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The Marketability eBulletin

Our free resources currently comprise the fortnightly eBulletin, and a searchable archive of almost 1000 original articles that have been edited and archived for their continuing relevance.

Welcome to our latest fortnightly eBulletin, posted here on 19 March 2019. In this issue:

Perfect audience judgement in this email from Lonely Planet

This was a subject line that I couldn’t resist, I’d clicked through without stopping to think. It was ‘National parks you’ve never heard of’. But why was this so clever?

For the purposes of answering this question we can segment Lonely Planet’s audience simply into the travel-curious without many miles under their belt yet, and the seasoned traveller who likes to think they’re a bit of an expert.

For the travel-curious this subject works at face value, it’s travel to aspire to. But the seasoned travellers pride themselves on getting to places their peers have never heard of. For them this same headline is a direct challenge, and an irresistible one.

Judging the perfect subject line or headline requires stepping into the reader’s shoes to think about their motivations, what drives them. (And yes, I chose reader in the singular deliberately. We just need to do it more than once when we have multiple audiences to cater to.) Coming up with a single line that works for different market segments, as Lonely Planet did here, is especially skilful.

Just in case you’re thinking ‘what national parks?’, here’s the link to the corresponding 9 National Parks video on the Lonely Planet website. A nice bit of legitimate distraction on a Tuesday morning.

Whether your audience is nuclear physicists or children, excellent copy ALWAYS begins and ends with identifying with your reader. Our Copywriting Workshop is the place to be for more like this. Sign up before 31 March to attend with a colleague and save £200 (see below for details).


Excellent free guide to why email recipients complain

No matter how good your content and how much attention you pay to keeping lists clean, there will always be complaints. There is nothing you can do about the person who signs up to get your newsletters and then complains that they haven’t – except of course to keep records and handle the complaint well.

This is another excellent guide from Return Path, which combines guidance on why people complain, the implications of this on your sender reputation, and what you can do to minimise and to manage complaints. It’s a good mix of practical tips and technical explanations in plain English. Read more and download the guide.

Our Email Marketing Workshop looks specifically at good practice within publishing, with plenty of examples throughout. Also covered in our March offer, so if you sign up with a colleague before 31 March you’ll save £200 (see next item for details).


eBulletin subscriber offer continues – book two places, save £200

This will be the last reminder of our March offer, so if you’ve been meaning to do this the time is now! Book two places on any one course at just £300 per place, a cool saving of almost £200.

Dates for our courses are now set ‘on demand’, ie when we have sufficient requests to run them. The following have all been requested but need more bookings to set dates. Would you like to join us?

Included in this offer are:

Copywriting Workshop
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Introduction to Marketing in Publishing
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Register your interest for you and a colleague to attend any of these online today quoting EB300 as the ‘other price’ (simply enter both names in the attendee field), and we’ll get back to you to discuss dates. Offer ends 31 March.

If you have any questions just reply to this email and I’ll be glad to help.


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Tip of the week: the single biggest reason academics buy is ...

Because of peer recommendation. ‘Have you seen so and so’s book?’ is more influential than any email campaign from you is likely to be.

Academics are consummate networkers and the best way to secure their attention is to tap into this in our marketing. Equipping authors to market their own books (suggested social posts, a final slide for presentations, email signature, Kudos), and leading with endorsements from respected peers both do this effectively.

For many more ideas join us on our next Academic Marketing Workshop. Runs in London on 25 April.




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