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The Marketability eBulletin

Our free resources currently comprise the fortnightly eBulletin, and a searchable archive of almost 1000 original articles that have been edited and archived for their continuing relevance.

Welcome to our latest fortnightly eBulletin, posted here on 28 October 2014. In this issue:

7 quick tips for marketing digital products

Psst – it all comes down to this, say tutors Rebecca Jones and Laura Ingle:

  1. Make it easy to trial your products
  2. Consider giving part of your product away for free
  3. Provide troubleshooting and support
  4. Explain how to use the product and illustrate the immediate value
  5. Use all marketing channels – not just online
  6. Create specific messages for each part of your audience and focus on benefits specific to them
  7. Consider ‘non selling’ events to promote loyalty, trust and a sense of community among your users.
Meet Rebecca and Laura on our Marketing Digital Products workshop.


Anna Faherty on a scientific approach to publishing decisions

Publishing in the past has relied on gut decisions, since new books don’t obviously lend themselves to developing prototypes to research first.

Now, says Anna, most decisions to publish are based on performance of similar products, often then supported by research to deliver feature-packed products with the best chance of hitting the spot. But this isn’t necessarily ideal, especially when you’re developing products in an uncertain environment.

Enter Eric Ries’ Lean Startup method, based around developing minimum viable products (MVPs) with bells and whistles added only after trialling/testing. In today’s day and age this makes a great deal of sense, learning from the feedback of the simplest version of your product and refining from there, rather than developing it to completion and then hoping that all that extra investment pays off.

Read Anna’s article for yourself.

Like Anna’s perspective, our Profitable Commissioning Workshop begins and ends with putting profit to the fore at all times. Do this and yours will be the company still trading in 20 years …


Everyone’s talking storytelling, here’s a neat infographic

Give your audience a bunch of facts and you MAY impress them to act. Weave those facts into a story and you’ll hook them and improve the odds – your stats will gain a momentum to keep readers reading. Make it entertaining or quirky and it’s memorable too.

Here’s a neat storytelling infographic from Koozai. Perfect for a thought-provoking browse over lunch.

Find out more about putting storytelling into practice on a Copywriting Workshop.


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Tip of the week: To measure success you first have to set targets

Too often measurement is tacked on as an afterthought once a campaign has run, usually on the grounds that it’s too difficult trying to predict reasonable outcomes so it wastes valuable time to little benefit. But if all marketing has desired outcomes (as it must), then it follows that these should be identified at the outset or the campaign will lack clarity. So be true to yourself and don’t dodge the issue: always set targets.

Our Impressive Marketing Plans on a Small Budget workshop has much more like this.



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