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The Marketability eBulletin

Our free resources currently comprise the fortnightly eBulletin, and a searchable archive of almost 1000 original articles that have been edited and archived for their continuing relevance.

Welcome to our latest fortnightly eBulletin, posted here on 14 October 2014. In this issue:

Internal links and hub pages are key to SEO success

During the World Cup earlier this year the web was awash with football stories. So why did The Guardian consistently rank in the top five results on Google while the Mail Online never got above page 4? This excellent post on the Econsultancy blog explains why, clearly illustrating the value of hub pages and of internal links routing through them.

Here’s a quick spoiler (but it’s worth reading the rest too): route everything through one page and Google knows it’s important and ranks it highly. Too many relevant pages and Google doesn’t know which to prioritise; you end up competing with yourself.

Read the post for yourself on the Econsultancy blog.

Our Mastering SEO Workshop is an in-company tailored training option with masses of tips like this applied to your own website and analytics.


Ikea announces the BookBook, great spoof

‘Ikea offers a new breakthrough in reading technology. Note the superb battery life, touch interface and key features like bookmarking, sharing and voice activated password protection.’

I love clever spoofs in creative, and this is right up there with the medieval help desk (an all-time favourite …). Well-observed and executed, and highly effective in terms of delivering its marketing message. And pretty useful at reminding us that print still has its place.

View Ikea’s video.
View the medieval help desk.

The challenge of balancing digital and print is one faced by all academic publishers, and a topic on our Academic Marketing Workshop.


Sassoon’s diaries, brought into sharp focus by great copy

Siegfried Sassoon’s diaries have been digitized for the first time. An interesting story was made compelling by including specific details which gave it poignancy, made it highly visual, and turned a news piece into a story. The original diaries were chosen by the poet because they fitted into his uniform pocket, and were carried with him into battle, acquiring spatters of mud from the fields of the Somme on the way.

Yet another reminder to home in on detail to bring your copy to life.

Read the story (and see the diaries)
on the BBC website.

Join us on our next Copywriting Workshop and practise bringing your copy to life too!


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Tip of the week: How to turn an apology email into a big fat positive

You launch your new email … and only then spot the glaring mistake. Time for an apology follow-up. Get it right and it could be one of your best performers. Readers love being told you’ve messed up, so initial engagement is almost guaranteed. Come clean and offer a benefit and you could even do some long-term good. This Communigator blog post has some great examples to back this up.

Our Email Marketing Workshop is the place to be for more like this.



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