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When non-essential information is a mandatory field

Someone I’ve known for years recently popped up on a training course, and reminded me of this tip from years ago that had amused her. So here it is again. (Thank you, Sarah!)

You know how annoying it is to have to complete what is definitely non-essential information flagged as mandatory in online forms? One that bugs me is the title field (Mr, Mrs, Ms etc), as someone who chooses not to use one. I know, of course, why it’s asked for, but the benefit to the supplier should not be potentially irritating to the customer.

If you relate to this, here’s my tip. Choose the most outrageous title on offer to you in the pre-set list of options. I am, variously, Reverend, Colonel, General, Dame, Sir and Lady. Perfectly harmless but maybe, just maybe, some bright spark could recognise that it might be a stand against that mandatory field.



2 August 2022

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