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You need an Amazon SEO strategy – excellent article from Ingram

Thank you to Fiona Green over at Bloomsbury Publishing for drawing this to my attention.

You wouldn’t expect an article called How to Grow your Online Book Sales through Improved Amazon SEO and Keyword Advertising to be a 5 minute read, and it isn’t. But it is worth it, especially to appreciate that Google’s SEO is different from Amazon’s, and to understand the Amazon perspective.

It’s subtitled ‘A Quick Unpacking of the SEO Landscape’, if you need persuading!

Although product copy has always been, and will always be, primarily about resonating with readers, any style guide and guidance your company has should include how to ensure your books are found online in the first place. An appreciation of how SEO works is critical not just for you, but for anyone involved in product copy – including our authors.

Read Ingram’s blog post for yourself

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3 August 2021

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