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Excellent free Email Marketing Benchmarks report from Campaign Monitor

I’ve been conducting Email Marketing Workshops with a schools publisher and an academic publisher over the last few weeks, and one question both asked was ‘How do our response rates compare to industry averages?’

It’s difficult to find an answer. I’ve never found any truly publishing-specific reports, and most metrics are kept as a well-guarded secret by companies. There are patterns, one of which is that the more specialist your email marketing, the better the engagement.

In the absence of a perfect answer, this new free report is a great start. Campaign Monitor analysed 1bn emails sent for its clients January-December 2020 and the resulting Ultimate Email Marketing Benchmarks for 2021 is available free to download.

‘Average’ metrics per sector are especially useful. Unfortunately for us, publishing is bundled in with media and entertainment, and there’s no way of knowing the split between them or if their emails and subscriber types bear any relation to ours. But the findings are broadly consistent with other reports that I’ve read for well over a decade. And we can definitely compare our own metrics with averages for email marketing as a whole. There’s plenty to explore here, so if you’ve also asked ‘How do we compare?’, give it a try.

Looking at the relationship between open, click and click to open rates for individual emails can reveal real insights into how and why your subscribers are engaging (or not). It’s something you may not find enough time to do as often as you’d like, but which we can definitely explore in in-company tailored email marketing training.

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13 April 2021

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