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Our top 10 articles in 2017, as clicked by you

I find it fascinating looking back over a year of Bulletins to see which articles piqued your interest, and there are a number here that you’ll want to check out if you missed them first time round. Once again both case examples from publishing and simple tips seemed to hit the spot consistently. Cogora’s quirky ‘meet the team’ page got you clicking in January (it was changed shortly afterwards BUT the quirky photos have now been reinstated, do head over to have a look), as did news of Emerald’s new website reported in August, and Penguin’s Facebook campaign to recruit enewsletter subscribers that same month.

Tips on good sources of royalty-free images and on effective habits for the (then) new year went down well, too. But the runaway winner was ‘10 tricks to appear smart in meetings’, an article read by no fewer than 15% of all eBulletin subscribers. Be sure I’ll be watching out for these being deployed by any of you if we’re in a meeting together sometime soon!

Our click-through rates across the year varied hugely, generally hovering at around 14% but the more popular articles pushed this to well over 20% on half a dozen occasions. (Note that as eBulletins in 2017 were text-only we couldn’t track true open rates, though they’d have been higher than CTRs.) And some stories we confidently predicted would be in this list didn’t make it and we’ll never really know why – wrong timing? Our wrong judgement?

In reverse order, here are the articles that attracted the highest numbers of unique clicks in 2017. These are expressed as a percentage of total subscribers mailed.

10. Six sources of royalty-free images, with thanks to Wordtracker (13 June, 6.7%)
9. 8 simple steps to getting your work noticed – love this Wiley blog post (4 April, 6.9%)
8. 19 words and phrases to weed out of your marketing copy (21 March, 7.4%)
7. Fabulous Penguin Facebook campaign to recruit enewsletter subscribers (22 August, 7.8%)
6. 10 enduring quotes about marketing to drop into conversation (7 March, 8%)

5. 7 simple but effective habits for 2017, honest (10 January, 9.1%)
4. Fascinating article about academics’ attitude to marketing, in THE (25 July, 11%)
3. Emerald’s new website is a force to be reckoned with (8 August, 12%)
2. What’s your view of this ‘meet the team’ page? (10 January, 13%)
1. 10 tricks to appear smart in meetings, love these at (3 October, 15%)

If you have good news or quirky stories you’d like to share with other eBulletin readers, do drop us a line at You may just feature in an eBulletin and in this round-up next year!


9 January 2018

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